Photography workshop for kids

Teaching photography to kids in the age group of 10 to 16 years is very challenging.

Unlike adults, kids have a much more vivid imagination and the drive to grasp is very high. Also, the ability for quick learning often misleads instructors into assuming that all instructions are well-received and retained. As a matter of fact the span of comprehension and analysis for kids of this age group is up to one hour. Hence the instructional method needs to be very creative and intriguing for them.

At Sheil’s Photography, we deploy the skills of experts in child education and photography to create the optimum blend of teaching and enjoyment. This approach ensures lasting retention among the kids.

Concept of the workshop:

The workshop begins from the very basics of correct camera handling, looking for frames and composing them imaginatively. Our focus in these workshops is to constantly encourage the kids to do more and more to satisfy their curiosity and enthusiasm while analyzing and helping them in clicking better photographs.

We embolden the children to look around and visualize the frames that would satisfy their imagination and bring out the photographer within themselves. Our experts in child education ensure attention is given individually to every child.

At the end of every session, we hold discussion sessions with parents to explain the happenings at the workshop and share the creative insights of their child. The sessions explain the Do’s and Don’ts for nurturing their young photographer.

Workshop Duration : 1 Day


Workshops are conducted in hotel conference rooms in central Pune, in and around Deccan Gymkhana area.
Lunch and evening snacks served to kids.
Fees : Rs. 1750/- per participant