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Amidst all the tough life they live, all the adversities they face, one thing stays unchanged
– the eternal love bond between the sheep and the shepherds.

Workaholic Crab_Featured

Days after days, waves after waves, crabs stay steadfast on their task.
Never tiring, never giving up.
Never settling for anything that is not perfect.

The workaholic crabs!

Umngot river

Umngot is a spectacle, to say the least.
I would have spent another few days just taking photos! But then the long road back and the foggy conditions forced us to start back soon.
The Emerald River still flows elegantly in my memories!


Someday, I thrive to be there…
Hoping for wisdom,
Hoping I may endure!!

Knowledge Blogs

Clicking mystical looking photographs of flowing water and waterfalls is every photographer’s dream.

The purpose of this blog is to make the decision of buying first camera easy and well informed.


An insight into understanding advanced exposure concepts.

If you believe that you have taken a good photograph, regardless as to how time-consuming and tedious it would be, a systematic and thorough post-processing is an absolute must.

About Shridhar and Sheil’s Photography

Sheil’s Photography was established by Shridhar Deshpande, a renowned photographer with over 40 years of experience. Our goal is to provide a platform for photographers and photography enthusiasts to hone their skills and appreciate the art of photography. Our website offers a range of resources, including tips on composition and advanced editing techniques to enhance your photographic eye. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry – we have easy-to-follow blogs and dedicated workshops to help you kickstart your photographic journey.

Shridhar’s passion for photography began with a humble Agfa Click III 35mm film camera. He has since participated in various photography expeditions, exploring vast jungles throughout India. His work has been recognized by the National Geographic Society, and he has been invited to showcase his photography alongside some of the best in the industry. Shridhar also founded Earnest Photographers, a group of dedicated photography enthusiasts, which has culminated in Pratibimba – a photography exhibition that has become a fixture in Pune’s annual art exhibition calendar.

By visiting Sheil’s Photography, you can learn from a seasoned professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Join our community of passionate photographers and take your skills to the next level!