Pratibimba – The Annual Photography Exhibition


Pratibimba was started in the year 2011 by Sheil’s photography.

The purpose of Pratibimba was to create a platform for students of Sheil’s photography to showcase their work.
It is a three day event, organized over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Since its inception, Pratibimba has moved from strength to strength. Starting with very simple and generic theme of “Reflections of the Mind” for its first event, it quickly move on to “Obviously Arty” and then to “Beyond Obvious”.

The idea being promoting higher and higher goals to reach more creative forms of art of photography.

Success story of Pratibimba is not only because of untiring enthusiasm of the Earnest Photographers Group, but also due to overwhelming support and encouragement from the art loving citizens of Pune.

We were fortunate to have serious art critiques visit our event every year. Their valuable suggestions and words of encouragement have been instrumental in propelling the event further.

After having nurtured the group for seven years and preserving the platform of Pratibimba for the group members only since 2011, Sheil’s photography has decided to extend this platform to photographers outside the group.

Pratibimba is now open for every photographer!

By opening the platform, we believe, that we will be able to bring to the art loving audience of Pune a broader spectrum of photographic moments. We also believe that this will bring forth stronger competition in a healthy way.


In the inception year 2011, Pratibimba was inaugurated by Dr. R.G. Pardeshi, Principal, Fergusson College, Pune and Dr. Mahamuni. Head of Photography Department of Fergusson College.
In 2012, the Chief Editor of Sakal News Paper, Shri Madhav Gokhale graced the occasion.

Year 2015 marked a major milestone for Pratibimba.
The exhibition was held successfully for the 5th consecutive year and with tremendous response from art loving patrons of Pune city.

Pratibimba hosts photos depicting fine emotions and aesthetic value. It is enjoyed and appreciated by innumerable viewers.
We are committed to bring to the viewers better and better demonstrations of art of photography !!