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Bhigwan – Paradise for Bird Photographers

Ganesh Visarjan

Many Shades of Ganesh Festival

How Close is Close Enough?

As the prosumer cameras are getting better and better by the day, the macro possibilities are opening more and more for even the non–DSLR camera users. As a matter of fact, many a time, these smaller, weather sealed cameras produce photographs that are as good as ones taken with a DSLR and macro lens. Again, great add-ons like Raynox DCR 250 can be easily mounted on the lens of these non-SLR cameras. Such arrangements open a complete new world for the photographer.

Exploring a new world II – Conquering the Streets. Author Vignesh Subramanian

Street photography is all about timing, you need to keep your eyes open all the time. Street photography is also demanding, you can’t always just stand in one corner and do it, you need to walk, talk, see, visualize and feel the place!

Exploring a new world – Introduction : Author Vigensh Subramanian

Just because you travel to remote exotic locations does not mean your pictures too will turn out to be exotic. Travel Photography is about capturing the “ESSENCE “of the place. I emphasize on the word ESSENCE because that is what Travel Photography is primarily about! If your photograph does not tell a story about the place then it does not do justice to the place! It need not be a photo which wins awards or one that can be exhibited, however it must tell a story.

Need for good, aesthetic and ethical Post-processing

Post-processing is not about making your photographs look more colourful or more beautiful, but it is more about using the correct extent of enhancements to strengthen the story that the photographs brings out.
I am using this word “enhancement” because it directly points at two of the key terms used in the title of this article – aesthetic and ethical.

Nagzira, a supremely beautiful jungle

The jungle of Nagzira has absolutely outstanding beauty. A jungle that consists of a wide variety of trees and shrubs and vines, it is an example of an almost perfect ecosystem that can support and nurture a good variety of birds and animals.

How to make Dioptric Correction in camera

Dioptric correction on a camera is the correction of the viewfinder focusing. In simpler words, it is matching the power of your glasses (if you have one) with the viewfinder.

Camera filters and their effective use

In old times of film cameras, use of filters during photography was a common thing. A wide range of filters were used to achieve different effects. Amber, yellow, red were some of the common colour filters. These filters were used to suppress certain wavelengths thereby accentuating the effect of the others.